Our mission is to maximize customer and partner value through exceptional talent and extremely competitive prices. We achieve this through low overhead costs and maximum use of technology.

We are “out of the box” thinkers and have a history of successfully “doing things that have never been done.” We are known for our innovative problem solving and use of technology. We understand risk and project management. Our leadership was recently recognized by the internationally-acclaimed Project Management Institute (PMI) with the 2013 Distinguished Project Award for its work on the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) Smart Grid Interoperability Panel (SGIP).

We work well with others, leveraging our VOSB status for subcontracting opportunities and providing unique talent with our highly-skilled technical and project management resources. GridIntellect is also very capable as a Prime Contractor, with real-life experience managing large (2,000 stakeholder), complex (lots of moving parts) programs.

We are a growing company with a sincere desire and mission to provide the best support possible to our customers and partners. For more information, contact info@gridintellect.com or dial (256) 679-1134.


Stuart McCafferty, President and CEO, NIST Fellow (PMP)
Stuart is a US military veteran, business executive, program manager, and system engineer professional with 30+ years of experience. He has specialized expertise in IoT, Microgrids, Smart Grid technologies, managing complex technical projects, system architecture design, software development and implementation, real-time data acquisition, and managing Program Management Offices (PMOs). He is a certified PMI Project Management Professional (PMP). Notable recent energy projects include Fellow for the NIST Community Resilience Program (2014-Present),  Hitachi America Limited EnergyIoT Platform architect (2015-2017), Modeling and Simulation Lead for The Modern Grid Initiative (2005-2006), Principal Investigator for California Energy Commission Demand Response and Analysis System (2008-2009), Program Manager for the NIST SGIP (2009-2013), Subject Matter Expert for the California Local Energy Assurance Planning (2013), SGIP Director of Technical Operations (2014), and Program Manager on NIST Cyber Physical Systems (CPS) project (2014).

Rob Kravitz, Vice President Operations (PMP)
Rob is an experienced management consultant and operations manager for energy, resiliency planning, sustainability and environmental, safety and occupational health (ESOH) consulting to government and industry. He has more than 30 years of experience with risk prevention, risk management, and restoration, project and program management, business development, and consulting operations P&L management. As the Director of Operations at Hitachi Energy Solutions, he worked with a team of engineers, financial analysts and developers to assess the feasibility of developing resilient microgrid and other energy solutions for Distributed Energy Resources (DER). Prior to joining Hitachi’s Energy Solutions, Mr. Kravitz managed hundreds of sustainability and environmental projects for public and private sector clients nationwide.

Donna Boyce, Director of Community Resilience Programs, NIST Fellow
Donna Boyce has successfully developed policies, then created, implemented and managed federally and privately-funded programs supporting disaster recovery, resilience planning, community, economic and affordable housing development.  With experience gained in government, NGO/non-profit and private-sector, she is a SME on public benefit programs assisting low-moderate income populations, compliance and coordinating funding to optimize outcomes.  As a NIST Community Resilience Fellow, she has supported community resilience projects as a SME on vulnerable and under-served population program administration as well as practical, community- level insights on state and local government, funding and resilience challenges/opportunities. She serves on The American Bar Association (ABA) Standing Committee on Disaster Response & Preparedness and ABA’s State & Local Government’s Resilience Task Force, educating ABA members on resilience, developing strategic implementation resources and growing cross-sector professional collaborations.  Boyce earned a BA in History and Political Science from State University of New York-Albany and a Juris Doctor from Georgetown University Law Center.

Mike Uhl, Senior Microgrid Engineer
Mike Uhl is a systems thinker and solver, supporting clients like AT&T, Hitachi America, IBM, NBC Universal, National Park Service, and Indian Health Services. He provided energy assessments and sustainable solutions to federal and commercial clients in more than six million square feet of space. He designed and modeled 100+ microgrids across North America, including 12 NYPrize community projects. He reduced energy consumption and environmental impact to achieve measurable cost savings. Mike has ten years of experience as a Certified Energy and Demand Side Manager and LEED Accredited Professional (O&M). His team’s contributions earned the 2014 Honorable Mention Award in the Eco-Products category for Energy Solutions with AT&T and 2013 Grand Prize Winner of the Hitachi Global Social Innovation Contest. Mike provides microgrid design and development expertise through analysis, engineering, consulting, financing, and specifications.